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Practical Information

  Accomodation & housing
  Finding the right real estate agent in Greece - Sale or Rent
  GUIDE for ERASMUS Incoming Students -2011 [pdf ]  
National & Kapodistrian University of Athens
[accommodation, residence permits, meals, etc.]
  Greece>Before you travel> Accommodation  
Visit Greece @ Greek National Tourist Organization
Crete real estate agency
  Real Estate in Greece  
Rental or Sale @ My Greek
  Childcare facilities and schools : Greek School Network  
The network in the service of education
  Education & Training Opportunities in Greece  
EKEP - National Centre for Vocational Orientation
@ Ministry of Education Lifelong Learning & Religious Affairs
and Ministry of Employment & Social Protection
  Education & Universities in Greece  
@ Greeceindex
  Find an IB World School  
International Baccalaureate Schools in Greece @
Description of the Hellenic educational system.
  Pre-school education in Greece  
Aims, Structure and Curricula @
  Primary Education in Greece  
from Pedia
  Search for Day Care Centers in Greece  
@ XO.GR Yellow Pages Greece
It may concern the students but also their parents. It describes scholarships for studies, higher education studies, student allowances, military obligations of students etc.
@ Ermis Greek Government Portal
  Country & cities
  Greece Virtual Tour!  
Be there before you travel- Book your hotel or your next flight.
  True Greece  
an initiative @ Greek National Tourism Organization, to shed light on Greece as a travel destination by providing a platform of official and reliable information.
  About Greece  
Hellenic Republic Ministry of Interior
  A detailed Map of Greece  
The website contains city maps and visitor information to help you plan your trip to Greece.
  Archaeology of the City of Athens  
A Digital Edition @ NHRF
  Cultural Map of Greece  
@ Hellenic Ministry of Culture
  Greece Travel Guide  
Holidays, Vacations & Hotels @
  The Parthenon Freeze in Digital form  
Acropolis Restoration Service (YSMA) @

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  Virtual Tour of Acropolis of Athens  
@ Acropolis Resoration Service
  Family Pregnancy
  Having a Baby in Greece  
The Greek Health Care System
  Iaso Maternity Hospital  
IASO Group
  Mitera Maternity Hospital  
Provides multipurpose health services and stands by the mother, the child and the family
  Athens Information Technology - AIT  
Center of Excellence for Research and Education
  Fulbright Greece  
Scholarship Programs
  Onassis Foundation  
Scholarships for Foreigners
  State Scholarships Foundation (ΙΚΥ)  
Scholarships for Foreigners
  Health and medical care
  Health in Greece  
Health system, Hospitals, Public Health Insurance, Elderly care, etc.
  Hellenic Red Cross  
School of Rescue, Lifesaving, Instructors, etc.
  Public Health Insurance in Greece  
Social Security Organisation - IKA, Social Security Organisiation For Self Employed - O.A.E.E., Farmers' Insurance Organization - O.G.A., Hotel Employees Insurance Fund - TAXY, Journalists Unified Insurance and Healthcare Benefit Organisation - E.D.O.E.A.P.
  The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)  
Applying for a card @ EC
  The European Health Insurance Card in Greece  
Information (in EL) for persons insured in Greece
  University General Hospital of Thessaloniki - AHEPA  
Interconnected Hospitals
  Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)  
  Language learning possibilities
  DIALANG @ Lancaster University - UK  
Test your language abilities in 5 skills in 14 European languages
  CELT Athens - Modern Greek Language & Culture  
Innovative Courses for Adult Learners
  FSI Language Courses: Basic Greek  
Audio-intensive language course provided by the Foreign Service Institute of the US government.
  Filoglossia: Learning Greek as a foreign language  
The Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP)
  Foreign Archaeological Schools @ Greece  
from The American School of Classical Studies @ Athens
  Greek Language Courses in Greece  
OMILO Greek Language and Culture
  Hellenic Culture Centre  
Greek Language and Culture
  LEXIS-ΛΕΞΙΣ Center of Greek Language & Culture @ Crete, GR  
Greek Language Courses in Greece, Learn Greek on Crete at Lexis
  Learn Greek Online  
Is a course provided by Kypros-Net in collaboration with the CyBC to teach the modern Greek language online. It is currently composed of 105 real audio files (~ 15 min.), online student notes, a collection of collaborative learning tools, an online greek dictionary & a greek spell checker.
  Learning Greek as a Foreign Language  
@ EKEP - The National Centre for Vocational Orientation
  Lingu@net Worldwide  
The multilingual centre for language learning!
  Modern Greek Language Program  
HAU.en: Program of Studies
  Modern Greek @ The Athens Centre  
A focal point for academic and cultural activities in Greece
  Portal for The Greek Language @ Centre for the Greek Language  
Certificate of Attainment, Dictionary of Modern Greek, History, etc.
Note: Only one section is in EL, the rest in EN
  The Greek House: a Center for Greek Language & Culture  
Programs, summer programs at all levels
  The School of Modern Greek Language @ AUTH  
Programmes, courses, studies, activities
  eTandem @ Europa  
A project funded by the EC as part of the European Year of Languages 2001 - Study Abroad  
A resource of the Institute of International Education
  Recognition of Qualifications
  National Academic Recognition Information Center (N.A.R.I.C.)  
Recognition of University or Technological Degrees
  Social security
  Social Europe   Your social security rights in Greece-the guide
Your Social Security Rights Guide @ GREECE [Dec 2010]
  General Presentation of the Greek Social Security System  
From the General Secretariat of Social Security
  General Secretariat of Soocial Security  
@ Hellenic Ministry of Labour, Social Insurence and Welfare
  Getting Insured  
Anything related to the social insurance from all the funds, such as insurance certificates, insurance fund allowances, insurance contributions etc.
@ "Ermis": Greek Government Portal
  IKA-Social Insurance Institute  
The largest Social Security Organisation in Greece
  OAED-Manpower Employment Organization  
Hellenic Ministry of Labour, Social Insurance, and Welfare
Anything related to the administration of pension by all the funds
@ Ermis the Greek Government Portal
  Investment Incentives Law @ INVEST IN GREECE
[February 2011]
Invest in Greece Agency
  Taxation system in Greece  
Athens Info Guide
  Tips on daily life
  Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos  
Real Time Flight Information
  Citizen Services  
Hellenic Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  Foreign Missions in Greece  
@ Hellenic Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  Hellenic government portal "ermis" - focusing on the citizen - KEP  
The new government Internet site of Public Administration that provides citizens and businesses alike, a central information and e-services hub (e-Government Portal). Ministry of the Interior, P A & D
  Living in Greece - Essential Information after you Arrive!  
@ The American School of Classical Studies at Athens
  OSE - Hellenic Railways Organisation  
Train timetables, and routes: from-to
  OpenSeas - Greece  
The best Ferry Guide for Greece
  Passenger Transport in Greece  
Athens Urban Transport & Provincial Cities Urban Transportation
  The Greek Ombudsman: Independent Authority  
Role & mission, human rights, quality of life, State-Citizen relations, Children's rights and Gender equality
  Translation Service  
Hellenic Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  Travel to Greece - Tourism in Greece  
Regions of Greece
  Urban Rail Transport s.a.  
Athens metro system, urban rail & tramway
  Visit Greece  
The official website of the Greek Tourism Organization
  Visa & Entry
  VISA and residence permit for the purpose of scientific research  
Procedures for a third country national in Greece [November 2009]
  Greek Missions Abroad  
Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  Hellenic National Passport Center  
Passport publication directives, supporting documents,
urgent publication, legislative frame, track an application, etc.
  VISAS for Greeks travelling Abroad  
Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  Visa for Foreigners Travelling to Greece  
Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  Work permits
  Entry, Residence and Social Integration of Third-Country Nationals in the Hellenic Territory - Law 3386/2005  
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  Issuing of Certificate of Permanent Residence  
Greek Government Portal "Ermis"
  Issuing of Work Permit (HP)  
@ ErmisGov Gr : a 24-hour public service
  Working in Greece  
@ EKEP - National Centre for Vocational Orientation

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