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3. Renewal of the residence permit


  1. The third country national obtains a residence permit which allows him/her to work in the host organisation within the framework of the specific research programme.
  2. In case the research programme has not been completed, the third country national is obliged to renew the residence permit.
  3. The application for the renewal of the residence permit must be submitted before the expiry of the initial residence permit according to the circular letter numbered 38 of the Ministry of the Interior, Public Administration and Decentralization.

The supporting documents for the renewal of the residence permit according to the law and the 24103/2005 decision of the Minister of Interior Affairs, Public Administration and Decentralization are listed below:
  1. 3 coloured photographs.
  2. Exact photocopy (all pages) of valid passport or other travel document
  3. A certified copy of the residence permit
  4. Fees of 150 euro
  5. A copy of the cooperation agreement between the N.H.R.F and the third country national in which the following are defined:
    - The terms of cooperation
    - The exact date of the completion of the research project
    - The undertaking of both residence and living expenses of the third country national in Greece to be covered by the host organization
  6. A certificate of the research organisation verifying that the programme is supervised by the organization, that the third country national participates in it and that their cooperation has not ended.
  7. A certificate from the Social Insurance Authority concerning the covering of medical and medication expenses.
After the gathering of the above supporting documents, the third country national must follow the same procedure, regarding their submission, to the Aliens¢ and Immigration Service of the Municipal or communal authority of his/her domicile or residence, as the one described above for the issue of the initial residence permit.

Last modified: 25.11.2014

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